Center for Professional Dentistry


Create a logo and style for a professional dentistry center. The name is ESTET. The main feature of the center is the provision of all dental services in a state of medical sleep. The center is equipped only with high-quality, original equipment of European manufacturers. Uses quality materials manufactured in Germany, Switzerland. Pricing policy above average, premium. The founder of the center, Zinkevich Konstantin, is an implant surgeon.

  • Analysis of the task and target audience
  • Development of logo options to choose from
  • Work on style
  • Photo session
  • Animation and other related style media
  • Outdoor advertising
What have we done

Strict and at the same time friendly logo where between the “E” and “T” a little tooth sleeps quietly.

“ZK” comes from the “sleep” emoji – a light, pleasant sniffling of “Zzz”. ZK are the initials of the founder of the Zinkevich Konstantin center.

The style emphasizes a particularly thorough approach to the selection of specialists, materials, working methods, etc.

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