croissant bakery


Create a logo and visual style for a bakery called KLOD. This will be a craft bakery in combination with a coffee shop where you can drop by to buy fresh pastries from puff pastry and drink delicious coffee. The prevailing style of the interior is the loft. The bakery is named after Klod Lorren, a French painter and engraver. It is assumed that it was Klod who first invented the puff pastry by the method of experiment.

  • Getting to know the story
  • Target analysis
  • Logo work
  • Drawing graphics
  • Universal packaging
  • Create accompanying heroes
  • Four Flavors Croissant Packaging
What have we done

We have created a style with the main focus on graphics with elements of humor for a friendly atmosphere and create a sense of sincerity. A light logo with notes of historicity, simplicity of the loft style and the transformation of the hero of KLOD. We strove to achieve uniqueness, originality and pleasant muse. KLOD is a place for serious people with a sense of style and subtle humor.

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