Pshenytsia (Wheat)

bakery, confectionery and coffee


Create an attractive logo and style for a chain of coffee houses called Pshenytsia (Wheat). The main product of sales in this store is buns, bread and various snacks. The format of the institution is close to the concept of “to go”. The main idea is the organization of a cozy space with an emphasis on fast, high-quality service. The staff are excellent consultants for the entire range of products and are always ready to quickly serve guests. This “to go” concept is designed to be placed in the most accessible and busy places. Since the future institution includes a wide range of assortment of takeaway food, the target audience of the institution is quite large.

  • Sketch Stage
  • Work with a title
  • Search for the desired insight
  • Work on the concept
  • Images, heroes
  • Patterns, graphic elements.
  • Packaging and other style media
  • Signboard
  • Animation
  • Video, Sounds
  • Summary
What have we done

Pshenytsia (Wheat) for a large percentage of the target audience is associated with post-Soviet times, grocery stores, an institution where “Pour” hooch from wheat. Therefore, the task was to rethink the perception of the word, to give it modernity, relevance and aesthetics corresponding to those examples that were provided by the customer.

Sparrow is a wheat thief. Sparrow as an Internet meme. Sparrows who decided to stop stealing, but instead opened their own bakery. Sparrows – field workers, tractor drivers, combine harvesters, mowers, bakers, barists … PSHE – easily remembered reduction.

PSHE is a playful, conspiratorial nickname.

Smart sparrows have accumulated investments and opened a smart cafe. Support their undertaking, otherwise they will go stealing again. Do things quickly, clearly, smartly. Rest properly – slowly. PSHE is an oasis of inner of silence. A stopping place among the running world. PSHE – deal will be . PSHE – you will be in time with us.

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